Last updated 2009-03-11

In peer-reviewed journals
Unavoidable Arrays, with Klas Markström, to appear in Contributions to Discrete Mathematics. .dvi .pdf Journal
Partial Latin Squares are Avoidable, with N. Cavenagh, conditionally accepted for publication to Annals of Combinatorics. .dvi .pdf Journal
L-D. Öhman, A note on completing partial Latin squares, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 45 (2009) 117-124. .dvi .pdf Journal
T. Denley, L-D. Öhman, Extending partial Latin cubes, To appear in Ars Combinatoria. .dvi .pdf Journal
J. Cutler, L-D. Öhman, Latin squares with forbidden entries, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 13(1) (2006) R47. .dvi .pdf Journal
L-D. Öhman, The intricacy of avoiding arrays is 2, Discrete Mathematics 306 (2006) 531-532. .dvi .pdf Journal
Submitted for publication
Latin squares with prescriptions and restrictions, submitted for publication to Discrete Mathematics. .dvi .pdf
Strong chromatic numbers of graphs with maximum degree 2. .dvi .pdf
The Intricacy of Avoiding Arrays. .dvi .pdf